Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our first full day from Fourques to Serignac

Le Mas D'Agenais en route from Fourques sur Garonne
to Serignac

Maoutens B&B- view from the balcony

Cycling along the well paved and shaded cycle path

The church of Mas d'


The bathing room
 Hidden away in a small church,  a picture by Rembrandt (one in a series of 8 pictures ordered by Prince Frederic of the Hague for his daughter's chapel). The picture was bought in a private sale in the early 1800's and donated it to the church in Mas. it depicts the face of the dying Christ.   
The Rembrandt

A lock house typical along the length of the Garonne


The mooring bollard with cap, many others have been removed