Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day 3

First night in a tent for years. Very cold  night with all my clothes on as sleeping bag is well past its best. Hope I can catch Sue before she sets off as she needs to buy herself a new one as she has the same vintage as mine. Did sleep fitfully. Bloody cowbells could be heard all night.

Set off early as awake with the birds. Long climb through mountain pass. Got warmed up though. Had to walk some of the way. Spectacular views though into the valley.
Stopped frequently as kept thinking the dynamo was going to break as making terrrible noise. That is the front hub so would be a problem to fix.
Once through the gorge the valley opened up to pastures and horticulture. Wind as would be predicticted was constantly coming up the valley as the day warmed up.
Glad I found a Cafe open in Chur for a late Brunch as I realised it must be a holiday in Switzerland as all the shops are shut. Still havent got a SIM card but at least they have WIFI at my final destination.

Got to Buchs about 3pm just as my legs were giving up. About 6 hours in the Saddle and a total of just over 80 kms. My GPS was playing up all day until I realised it didnt like having 2 maps loaded into it. Havent got any paper maps so was relying on it. You can see from the screenshot that it missed a big chunk of the day. AND I didnt catch the bus! Luckily the sign posts are pretty good.
Not sure I will be able to cover the similar distance tomorrow as planned but we shall see.
Buchs is a real town so should be somewhere open tonight for a meal.