Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 13 Strasbourg to Lauterbourg 70 kms

Set off early from Strasbourg while it was relatively cool. Heated up as the day went on. Got out of the city without difficulty as no traffic early sunday morning. Went past the European Government Buildings.  Riding was easy with all flat sealed road. Early we went through villages which was nice and laterly went along the rhine.Gill dipprd her toes for the first time in the rhine.

 We stopped for coffee  at Herrlisheim and bought a bagette to eat later on. Really a pub, but very pleasant place to sit outside in the shade.
We biked steadily on thinking we may stop at an earlier campsite but road onto the planned destination which ended up about 70kms. It was unbearably hot by then and we were both low on water.
Campsite nice but absolutley full and clearly there was a Holiday on and as we heard later probably be a holiday Monday in Germany which is just over the water.
Had a pizza for dinner then when it cools will get an early night. Not sure what will happen tomorrow but that is half the adventure.