Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 16 Worms to Geisenheim 80 kms

Great day. Longest day so far! Good weather and good distance.
Pleasant night at Hotel but still very hot as we were in rooms at the top.  Included breakfast was great and an early start gave us the edge to keep going.

Passed through Oppenheim and then onto Mainz where we crossed the river to the Northern bank which was a change from the industrial south side. Passed through some lovely old villages and lots  of vineyards.

The path disappeared at one stage where they were building a new bridge and we opened a fence to try to get through but got told off for going into a construction site. Found our way out eventually.

Pushed onto campsite which is right on the Rhine in spite of our legs complaining. Had a nice meal and the restaurant next door. Temperature is lovely so we shall sleep well.

I have decided to do a daily whats good and whats bad on all the subjects that interest a touring cyclist such as weather, finding accommadation, sore bums etc.

First Food
The Good. Finding a nice Bakery that has coffee as well.
The Bad. Trying to find any food on a holiday weekend.

Hoping to get to Koblenz tomorrow.